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Konnichiwa and welcome to my blog! My name is Minami Shimoji, and I am a Japanese teacher with over 4 years of experience. I am excited to share with you about the services I offer through my business, which focuses on one-on-one Japanese tutoring sessions, homeschooling, and high-end babysitting.

I hold a bachelor's degree from Japan, and several education certifications issued by the Japanese National Board of Education. I am passionate about sharing the Japanese methods of teaching with my students. My mission is to help students learn, inspire them, and ignite their passion for the Japanese language and culture.

As a highly experienced teacher, I understand the importance of individual attention and a personalized approach to learning. That's why I offer one-to-one tutoring and homeschooling sessions. This allows me to focus on the unique needs of each student and tailor my teaching methods accordingly.

In addition to traditional language instruction, I also use creative and engaging techniques to make learning fun and effective. My goal is not only to help my students achieve academic success, but also to inspire them to become lifelong learners.

Whether you are a parent looking for high-end babysitting services or a student seeking one-on-one Japanese tutoring, I am here to help. With my expertise and passion for teaching, I am confident that I can help you or your child reach your full potential. So why wait? Let's learn, inspire, and ignite together!


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